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How to Keep your Yoga Students Motivated

How do you keep your yoga students motivated to practice with you again and again? Regardless of the industry we’re talking about, it’s common knowledge that it costs far more to acquire new clients than it is to retain existing ones. And yoga studios are no exception. The reality is, […]

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Why the Answer to Your Success Lies in Your Data

Are you using your gym software to get the information you need to build your business? In this day and age, we rely on data so much to be able to measure campaign progress, tweak our strategies, and shift our planning to increase efficiency and success. Want to increase your […]

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Why Your Yoga Studio Needs a Loyalty Rewards Program

Looking to increase class size and up your engagement at your yoga studio? A loyalty rewards program will do just the trick! Why is Loyalty Important? It’s not just important, it’s crucial to the success of your business! Don’t believe us? According to Harvard Business School, increasing your customer retention […]

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How to Keep Your Pilates Students Coming Back

Keep your Pilates students engaged in your studio with our list of client retention tips! We know that this is a challenge that most business owners face, so we’re here to put you in the best position possible to flex your assets to the public. Client retention is how well […]


How to Market Your Dance School for the New Year

2020 is right around the corner, so now is the time to take a step in the right direction with your New Year’s marketing strategy. Make your dance school the best it can be! With the holidays practically here, your mind may be on holiday shopping and New Year’s resolutions, […]

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How to Upsell at Your Yoga Studio

Have you set your sights on a larger clientele, more visits, and higher sales? Learning how to upsell could be just the push your yoga studio needs to build your business and boost your revenues. What is upselling exactly, and how can it help your yoga studio grow? Upselling is […]

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Why You Need a Personal Training Software

Are you trying to grow your personal training business?  Wondering if you should use personal trainer management software?  If you’re trying to build a personal training business, you’ll have to take on a lot of roles and juggle many different responsibilities. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done and it […]