How to Promote Yoga Lessons for Kids

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Do you offer yoga lessons for kids at your studio? Contrary to popular belief, yoga isn’t just for adults. In fact, the practice has been shown to enhance physical and mental health in children from ages six to twelve.

Physically, yoga builds strength and endurance as well as sense of balance.

Psychologically, yoga helps boost children’s self esteem and confidence. The practice can also help young minds focus and lessen their sense of stress. People often forget that children worry and feel anxiety just like adults. Yoga can teach them helpful ways to relax and re-center.

Due to the emphasis on breath and focus, the benefits of yoga can spill over into other areas of children’s lives. For example, it has been found that yoga can help children with ADHD manage their behavior at school and even raise their grades.

Now that you know the benefits of yoga for kids, why not widen your target audience at your studio? Offer special classes for young yogis to explore the possibilities that lie within their bodies and minds, and give your community the opportunity to try something new and exciting.

5 Ways to Promote Yoga Lessons for Kids

Wondering how you can promote yoga lessons for kids at your studio? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you appeal to the younger generation. So nama-‘stay’, and discover how to best build your target audience!

1. Offer family classes

One way to make your studio appeal to kids is offer family friendly classes. This way, parents and children can enjoy this activity together!

Children tend to imitate their parents. Whatever they see them doing or saying influences them and builds their personality. If kids see their parents practicing yoga, then they’ll want to try it too! Family classes can give children this opportunity and allow them to spend quality time with their parents. This new shared activity can also be a bonding experience for all members of the family. They can create unforgettable memories and strengthen their bodies and minds together. What better way to shape children than through a disciplined practice that promotes a peaceful and healthy way of living?

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Offer special discounts at your studio that will encourage the whole family to join!

Offer special discounts at your studio that will encourage the whole family to join! For example, if one parent signs up, offer a 50% discount on the class for their child. If a parent brings both children, then one of them can take the class for free! Or let children under six-years-old participate at no extra charge. You can also promote family-friendly packages. For example, a family made up of two parents and two children, can enjoy a monthly membership that includes classes once a week, access to all facilities, and a discount on merchandise.

This tip can motivate more parents to bring their kids to your yoga studio and teach them skills that they can carry with them throughout their entire lives.

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2. Invest in child-friendly advertising

We all know that children have shorter attention spans than adults, so advertising yoga lessons for kids must be done in a way to attract their attention and maintain it! In addition to marketing to young ones, bear in mind that you’re also promoting your business to their parents. Finding mediums to reach both is the key to your success.

Getting on morning talk shows and local news stories will go a long way to promote your studio and your yoga lessons for kids. First, describe the benefits of yoga for children to capture parents’ attention, then go on with a demonstration of certain poses with children who have been taking your classes. Many yoga poses are associated with animal names, so use this to your advantage to attract children who may be watching. As you go through the poses with the children, make it fun by meowing with them in cat pose, mooing in cow pose, or barking in downward dog.

If children see that other kids are having fun while doing the practice, they’ll be more inclined to try it. Think about it, all commercials for a new toy or game show children laughing and smiling while playing with it. This makes other kids want it because they believe it’ll also make them happy.

Social media is another great way to attract children and parents. Reach out to parents through Facebook by promoting those special discounts and family packages we mentioned before in addition to videos of children enjoying the practice. Make sure your videos and content are colorful and inviting to attract attention and engage new followers.

3. Bring in animated role models

Another way to popularize yoga lessons for kids at your studio is to show one of their role models enjoying the practice!

Imagine a child watching Spider-man or Winnie-the-Pooh doing yoga. It would blow their minds! Children would be so excited to try the practice with one of their favorite characters by their side. As we previously stated, children like to imitate their role models, so this method would motivate them to try this new activity. Go ahead and invite different animated characters to your yoga lessons for kids, to make your classes fun and light hearted. Bring in a different character every month to attract children with different interests and keep them entertained. If your studio has a child friendly mascot, invite them to class as well. They can stand next to the teacher and do the poses with the class and interact with children before and after lessons.

This tip will motivate children to try yoga and keep them coming back for more.

4. Reach out to schools

Promote your yoga lessons for kids where you’re sure your target audience will be! One way of doing this is to reach out to schools in your community.

yoga lessons for kids, Offer special discounts at your studio that will encourage the whole family to join!
Offer after school yoga sessions at local schools.

Though we’ve been talking a great deal about young children, yoga can also be beneficial for teenagers for all the same reasons. High school is a tough time for children because they’re figuring out who they are and what direction they want to take in life. Not to mention the more difficult course load and the issues they may be having at home or with their friends. Yoga would be a great release for many high school students and act as a safe space where they can focus on their mental health and sense of well-being.

Speak with the school administration about offering after school sessions. Friends will encourage each other to join so they don’t have to do this activity by themselves, and soon enough your classes will be filled! If you promote your classes as a way to de-stress and improve focus and awareness, many students will flock to the opportunity.

5. Host Free Sessions

Consider different places where families may gather and host free sessions to appeal to children. Participate in local festivals and community events to promote your yoga lessons for kids!

Attract attention at such venues by giving an introduction about why yoga may be beneficial for the younger generation. Then carry out a group session to whoever may be interested in participating! Make it fun by coming up with funny names for the poses and allowing the children to play and explore. Have a stack of brochures or flyers near by to give parents more information on your yoga studio and how it can help their children.

You could even host free sessions at your own studio! Promote the idea to parents who may already be registered in your classes and encourage them to bring their children. Provide them with mats and merchandise to make them feel welcome and carry out the practice with your new young yogis.

All in All…

Yoga lessons for kids are extremely beneficial because they can help shape our younger generation into better human beings. It makes them more physically aware of their bodies as well as mentally balanced to face any situation with a cool, clear head.

A quick recap: promote yoga for children by offering family friendly classes for both parents and their young ones to enjoy. Nothing is better than allowing families to relish in a new activity together. Also, consider child friendly advertising, such as the local news or social media to attract younger yogis. Remember to make your advertising colorful and bright to maintain interest. Next, invite a variety of characters children would love to see in your yoga sessions to make students interested and keep them coming back for more. Finally, reach out to your community by offering after school programs, free classes at local community events, or free lessons at your own studio!

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