Troubleshooting: Why are clients not receiving notifications?


Clients are not receiving SMS or email notifications from your business.

If you are having issues with staff members not receiving notifications, see Troubleshooting: Why are staff members not receiving notifications?


To resolve this issue, review and complete the solutions in the following list.  If your clients are still not receiving notifications after completing the solutions in the list, open a support ticket and we will be happy to help you resolve your issue.

  • For SMS messages, confirm that the client’s mobile number is entered correctly in the client’s profile, and verify that the mobile number is valid.
  • For email messages, confirm that the client’s email address is entered correctly in the client’s profile, and verify that the email address is valid. For assistance, try this email checker.
  • Check that the Communication settings under the client’s profile details are enabled.
  • Make sure that your global client notifications are enabled for the notifications that you want to send. For details, see Customizing automated notification emails.
  • Check the email send rules for the notification that you are concerned about and make sure that your clients are in the correct group. Alternatively, remove the email send rules if you want all your clients to receive the notification.
  • Check the notification settings of the Class or Appointment that should send out the notification. Make sure that this service is set to allow notifications to be sent.
  • In  the client’s profile, configure their full subscription list so that they receive the notifications that you would like them to receive.
  • Ask the client to check if email notifications are being sent to their junk mail folder.
  • Ask the client whether they are using any email filtering services.
  • Check whether the client is using a private domain name for their email address. Many private domain names will not be able to receive email notifications from WellnessLiving. Try to use a public domain name such as Gmail or Hotmail.
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