Booking and attending services

The booking and attending services process involves two parts that can be structured to suit the needs of the business. The two parts of the process are as follows:

  1. Scheduling the client for their service (known as booking).
  2. Marking the client as checked-in or no-show (also known as having attended, or not attended).

Both of these processes are done individually, and can be completed via a self-serve or staff-serve method. In addition, specific steps can be customized per-service to require staff authorization – allowing for the ultimate in flexibility to cater to specific business needs. As an example, you can require a member of staff to authorize a client-requested appointment.

As a high level overview of this process using both self-serve and staff-serve methods, review the following information and linked topics:


Clients can book services via their WellnessLiving logins through, or through an embedded schedule widget.

Once booked, clients can attend the session and check themselves in (setting their attendance record as checked-in) via the self check-in terminal.


Members of staff can book sessions for clients, and then manually mark clients as having attended, or not attended.

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