Reaching out to WellnessLiving

There are many ways you can reach out to us to let us know about a site issue, feature request, or feature improvement.

There are just a few things you should know about the process before we begin:

  • You’re very important to us. We are excited to help you get the most out of our software. That said, we support thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of end users. Your request will be recorded and prioritized appropriately. We’re in this together!
  • Development and fixes take time. Some fixes and new features take hundreds of man hours to design, implement, and test. This is to ensure our fixes and features deliver exactly what we intend to provide.
  • Not every idea is going to make the cut. We appreciate your feedback and try to take in to consideration all of our clients requests. That said, some things are just outside the scope of what we strive to provide our customers.
  • Bugs happen. All software has its kinks. We’re on it!

If you are having a problem with our software, see opening a support ticket.

If you want to make a new feature or feature improvement request, see making a feature request.

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