Package advanced settings

This article describes all the advanced settings available when you are creating or modifying a package.

To learn about the general information settings available when creating or modifying an package, see Package general information settings.

Select Activation DateDetermines when the package will activate. Your choices are:
  • First Visit - The package will activate on the date of the first session booked using any Purchase Option within the package

  • Sale Date - The package will activate on the date the package is purchased.

  • Choose a date - The package will activate on the date chosen.

NoteStart dates of memberships within packages will take precedence over package start dates. For more information about membership start dates, see Auto-payments every in Membership general information settings.
Select ExpirationDetermines how and when the items in the package expire. This expiration date will take precedence over any expiration dates on individual items within the package. Your choices are:
  • Does not expire - The items in the package do not expire.

  • Expires x day/week/month/year after first visit - The package will expire after the specified amount of time after the first time that package is used.

  • Choose expiry date - The package will expire on the date chosen.

To ensure your accounting is always correct, the expiration date of the package will become uneditable as soon as a package of this type is purchased. If you want to change the expiration rules, you must create a new package.
NoteComponents within the package may not be affected by the chosen date. For more information, see Package expiration dates.
TaxesDetermines whether taxes are applied to the package upon purchase. Your choices are:
  • Charge taxes - Select the checkbox for each type of tax that applies to the package.

  • Do not charge tax - No taxes will be applied to the package.
Purchase RestrictionsThe purchase rules for the package:
  • Select Client can buy online or Only staff member can sell this purchase option depending on whether you want to allow clients to buy the package online or only through a staff member.

  • Select which clients can purchase this package: Available to all clients, Introductory offer for new clients only, or Available to select Client Types only. If you select Available to select Client Types only, select one or more Client Types from the list.

  • Select how this package is sold: Sold individually or Sold as part of package only.
Package Attendance RestrictionsDetermines if the number of available sessions are restricted based on a specific time period (e.g., a maximum of 10 sessions per month). The Package Attendance Restrictions will take precedence over the settings of the memberships and passes inside of it.
If you select Apply Attendance Restriction:
  • In the Period list, select day, week, month, or year.

  • In the Max Sessions field, enter the maximum number of sessions the client can attend in the selected time period. For example, if you select a Period of a week and enter 5 in the Max Sessions field, the client is restricted to 5 visits per week.

  • Choose whether you want to apply the restriction based on the calendar cycle, or the payment cycle.

  • Select Enable Rollover or Session do not rollover depending on whether you want to allow remaining visits to roll over to the next attendance restriction period.

To learn more, see Attendance Restrictions.
ContractSelect No Contract or Clients must agree to a contract, depending on whether the client must agree to a contract before purchasing the package.

If you select Clients must agree to a contract, enter your contract into the text field.
BarcodeEnter or generate a barcode to identify this package in your WellnessLiving system.
Revenue CategoriesThe chosen revenue category determines the categorization of this package in your reports.
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