Opening the client self-registration interface

The client self-registration interface can be accessed as a direct link that is provided through the business URLs section of your business settings.

CautionThe client self-registration interface is intended to be used by both staff members and prospective clients. If you are opening this for prospective clients only, ensure that you sign out of your business account before opening the interface for clients to use.

To open the client self-registration interface:

To learn how to open the registration app using the App Drawer, see Opening web apps.

  1. Click the Setup tab on the top menu.
  2. Click Business on the side menu. The Business sub-menu is expanded.
  3. Click Business URLs in the side sub-menu. The business and social network URL settings are displayed.
  4. Note the URL for the Self Registration Page. Alternatively, click the Copy to clipboard icon 2015-10-03 15_53_19-Photos next to the URL to copy this URL to your device’s clipboard. You can then paste the URL in an email or instant message to be received on the mobile device.
  5. Navigate to the URL on the mobile device that is going to be used to update existing client profiles, or register new clients:
    • If you are using the interface as a member of staff (updating existing users and/or registering new ones in close proximity), ensure that you log in to WellnessLiving before opening the link.
    • If you are providing the interface to prospective clients exclusively, ensure that you log out of WellnessLiving on the device before opening the link.


The client self-registration interface is opened and is ready to be used.

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