Modifying a membership transfer

You can modify the duration of a pending or approved client transfer that was requested from a location to which you have access. When you modify a transfer, a new transfer request is sent to the location you are transferring the client into or out of. This request must be approved by a staff member at the location to which the request was sent. When the request is approved, the original transfer details are replaced by the new transfer.

See Approving or denying a transfer request for more information.

NoteThe details of the original transfer will still be visible in the transfer history.

To modify the duration of a transfer:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click Dashboard.
  3. In the Membership Transfers tool, modify a pending or approved transfer:
    • To modify a pending transfer, click Pending Transfers and find the transfer you want to modify in the list.
    • To modify an approved transfer, click Transfer History and find the transfer you want to modify in the list.
  4. Under the ACTION column, click the More buttonĀ  and select Edit Transfer Length.
  5. Modify the duration of the transfer and click SAVE:
    • To temporarily transfer a client for a set date range, select Temporary transfer will last from [date] to [date] and enter the start and end dates of the transfer.
    • To permanently transfer the client, select Permanent transfer.
  • In the confirmation popup, click CONFIRM.
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