Managing client email settings

Each of your client profiles are associated with an email address. For client’s registering online, it’s mandatory for them to enter in an email address. You can choose to make it optional for your staff to capture their e-mail address if the client is signing up in person at the business via a staff member. Automated email notifications and other content from your business will be sent to this address on their profile. This email can also be used by the client to check-in to classes or appointments if you are using the Client Self Check-In feature.

To change or update the email address associated with a client’s account:

  1. Go to the client’s profile.
  2. Click Profile Details in the side menu. The client’s details are displayed.
  3. Click the text box under Email Address and input the new email address.
  4. Click the Update Account button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.

Customizing client email settings:

  • Clients or staff can update a client’s email preferences to what content they want to receive from your business. This can be customized under the Notifications heading and for more detailed selection on what specific notifications they want to receive, go to the Configure full subscription list link. For more information, see Configure full subscription list for clients
  • Clients can also access their own profile from the Client Web App to update their preferences themselves under the same Notifications of the profile details. For more information, see Configure full subscription list.
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