Granting a franchisor access to franchise locations

A franchisee staff member must grant a franchisor access to their location’s business backend. The franchisor must request access to the location before the franchisee can accept. Approving the request gives the franchisor the ability to customize and manage the location. If the franchisee does not approve a franchisor’s request, the franchisor is unable to access the location’s business backend.

Note Franchisor staff members can access a franchise location without permission from a franchisee staff member if they have the staff role permission: Manage franchise locations. This permission is only visible to enterprise users with franchisor business accounts.

Granting a franchisor access to franchise locations:

  1. In the Confirmation Required popup, click Accept.
    • This popup is displayed immediately when a franchisor requests access. If you are not logged in to WellnessLiving when the franchisor makes the request, the popup will be displayed when you next log in.
  2. You have now granted the franchisor access to your location.
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