Email History Report

The Email History Report is a marketing report that displays a detailed list of all automated marketing campaign emails and custom emails that were sent to clients during the selected date range.

This article describes how to view the Email History Report, and provides details of the columns that appear in the report. To learn how to customize and filter the report, see Viewing a report.

NoteOnly 10,000 emails can be displayed at a time in this report.

In this article:

    To view the Email History Report:

    1. Click the App Drawer button .
    2. In the App Drawer, click Reports.
    3. On the Reports menu, click Marketing.
    4. On the Marketing menu, click Email History. The Email History Report is displayed.

    Headings in the Email History Report

    Heading Description
    Email Type The type of automated marketing campaign that the email is associated with is listed in this column.
    Created The date that the email was sent.
    Sent by The staff member who sent the email. If the email was automated by the system, this column will be labelled Automated.
    Client The name, email, and profile image of the client that the email was sent to is listed in this column. Relevant details about this customer, such as pass status, waiver status, contract status, special notes, unpaid visits, and account balance will be noted here by small icons. Hover over any icon to learn more.
    Status The status of the email. The possible statuses are:

    • Sent – The email was delivered.
    • Opened – The email was delivered and opened.
    • Bounced – The email failed to deliver. There are several situations in which an email may bounce, including when the recipient’s email inbox is full, their email address is invalid, or the receiving email server is unavailable. To view the reason the email bounced, hover your cursor over the status in this column.
    • Awaiting Send – The email is in the process of delivery. This status will change after the email has been processed.
    Resend Click the icon in this column to resend the email to the client’s associated email address.
    Body Click the icon in this column to expand a preview of the email that was sent to the client, and will be sent if you click the RESEND icon.


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