Customizing the transformation log

You can customize the visible fields on the transformation log, as well as whether clients will be required to give transformation log updates, whether clients can update their own measurements, and whether these updates require staff verification. A visual representation of the currently visible fields is displayed on the right side of the page.

NoteOnly staff members with the Manage transformation log staff role permission can customize and modify the transformation log.
NoteThe transformation log will not be visible from client profiles or the Client Web App if all client fields are hidden.

To customize the transformation log:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click Setup.
  3. On the Setup menu, click Clients.
  4. On the Clients menu, click Transformation Log.
  5. On the Transformation Log page:
    • To require transformation log updates from clients, set the Require transformation log updates option to ON. Under the FREQUENCY heading, select the frequency of the transformation log update requests from the lists. If a client’s transformation log is not updated by the required date, an alert will be placed on the client’s profile.
    • To allow clients to update their transformation log a set amount of days before their update date, set the Updates can be entered [#] days prior option to ON and enter the number of days clients can update their log prior to their update date in the box. Updating a transformation log before the required update date will not change the date of the next required update.
    • To allow clients to update their own transformation log measurements, set the Clients can update measurements option to ON.
    • To require staff verification upon any transformation log updates or changes made by a client, set the Require staff verification option to ON.
  6. Under Client Fields, click the Options button  to configure a specific field:
    • Under FIELD NAME, enter a new name for this field. This option is only available for Custom field 1 and Custom field 2.
    • Under FIELD TYPE, select whether this field’s quantity can be expressed with decimals, a whole number, a percentage, or text. You can choose only from the applicable options for each field.
    • Under MEASUREMENT UNIT, select the unit of measurement for this field.
    • Set the Hide option to ON to remove this field from the transformation log.
    • Set the Public option to ON to make this field visible to clients. If the Public option is set to OFF, this field will not be visible to clients.
      • This setting can also be turned ON or OFF by clicking the Public button  on the Transformation Log page. If the icon is blue, then the setting is on. If the icon is gray, then the setting is off.
    • Set the Required by client option to ON to make this field required for clients to fill out.
    • Set the Required by staff option to ON to make this field required for staff to fill out on behalf of the client.
    • Click SAVE.
  7. Click SAVE.
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