Creating or modifying a QUICK gift card

QUICK gift cards are custom gift cards you can create directly from the store. You can add the items you want to include in the QUICK gift card to the shopping cart and then convert the items into a gift card containing each of those items. A QUICK gift card can include any Purchase Options or products available in the store. You must follow the steps listed below before you can sell QUICK gift cards in your store.

To learn how to sell a QUICK gift card from your store, see Selling a QUICK gift card.

To learn how to deactivate or delete a gift card with set services and products, see Deactivating or deleting a gift card.

NoteThe minimum image resolution for a gift card is 200×122 pixels and the maximum file size is 20 MB.
NoteYou can only have one active QUICK gift card template at a time.

To create or modify a QUICK gift card:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click Setup.
  3. On the Setup menu, click Store Configuration.
  4. On the Store Configuration menu, click Gift Cards.
  5. On the Gift Cards page, create or modify a gift card:
    • To create a new gift card, click Create QUICK Gift Card.
    • To modify an existing gift card, click the gift card you want to modify in the list. You may have to browse the list, use the Search option, or filter the list to find the gift card.
      • QUICK gift cards are outlined in green.
  6. Enter the required information for the gift card:
    1. Under GIFT CARD TITLE, enter the name of the gift card. This will be the name displayed next to the gift card in the store.
    2. Under MESSAGE TO RECIPIENT, enter the default message for the gift card recipient. You can edit this message in the store when purchasing the gift card.
    3. If required, under GIFT CARD IMAGES, upload, replace, or remove an image that will be available for the gift card:
      • To upload a new image or replace an existing image:
        1. Click the Add a new image button , or click an existing image to replace it.
        2. Click Select a photo from your computer to browse your files.
        3. Select the image and click Open. A live preview of the image is displayed.
        4. Use the editing tools to adjust how the image will be displayed:
          • Move or resize the blue box on the image to choose which part of the image will be used.
          • Click the Cancel button  to close the window without saving.
          • Click the Rotate buttons   to rotate the image.
        5. Click the Confirm button  to confirm your changes.
      • To remove an existing image:
        1. Click the image.
        2. Click Remove current image.
        3. In the confirmation popup, click OK.
  7. Enter or change the Advanced Settings of the gift card. For more information, see Gift card advanced settings.
  8. Click SAVE.
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