Creating or modifying a POWER Search

Your POWER Searches can be customized with one or more criteria to search the client list or most reports.

To create or modify a POWER Search:

  1. Open the client list or a report.
  2. If the POWER Search list is not open, click the POWER Search button .
    • To create a new POWER Search, click Create Power Search.
    • To modify an existing POWER  Search, click the Edit Search button .
  3. Type the name for the POWER  Search in the Search Title textbox.
  4. Under Specify Criteria:
    1. Choose the criteria for the search from the first list. For more information, see POWER Search and QUICK Search criteria.
    2. Click the Add button to specify multiple criteria for the POWER Search.
  5. Choose who will be able to use this POWER Search from the Share Option list.
  6. Click SAVE.
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