Creating or modifying a Custom Schedule Widget skin

You can design a Custom Schedule Widget by creating a custom widget skin.

To create or modify a Custom Schedule Widget skin:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click Setup.
  3. On the Setup menu, click Website Widgets.
  4. On the Website Widgets menu, click Custom Schedule.
  5. On the Custom Schedule page, create or modify a skin:
    • To create a new skin, click +ADD SKIN.
    • To modify an existing skin, click the skin you want to modify in the list.
  6. Using the wizard that is displayed, configure the widget:
    1. On the Structure tab, configure the structure of the widget, and then click NEXT. For details, see Items on the Custom Schedule Widget structure page.
    2. On the Design tab, make changes to the design as required, and then click NEXT. For details, see Items on the custom widget design page.
    3. On the Embed code tab:
      1. If you are creating a new widget, click CREATE A NEW WIDGET.
      2. Embed the required code into your website. For details, see Embedding a widget into a website.
  7. Click SAVE.
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