Client Retention by Staff Report

The Client Retention by Staff report is a staff report that displays a detailed record of staff retention rates during a selected time frame. A client is “retained” when they visit during a specified “First Visit” time period and then visit again within a specified number of days (retention period).

You can filter the results of this report to apply only to specific staff members, services, locations, client types, and client groups. The results will be separated between new clients and repeat clients. Repeat clients have attended the service before the first visit period, and new clients have not.

This report is a great tool to track which staff members are retaining the most clients, what promotions are working, and what services are most popular.

To learn how to customize reports, see Viewing a report.

To learn about advanced filters, see Advanced filters reference.

NoteBy default, the report sets the “First Visit” date range from the first day of the previous month to the current date, and the retention period within 60 days of their first visit. To change these dates, click the Advanced Filter button .

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To view the Client Retention by Staff Report:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click Reports.
  3. On the Reports menu, click Staff.
  4. On the Staff menu, click Client Retention by Staff.

Headings in the Client Retention by Staff Report:

Heading NameDescription
STAFFThe name and profile image of the staff member is listed in this column. Click the staff member’s name to view their staff profile.
LOCATIONThe location of the attended service is listed in this column.
NUMBER OF CLIENTSThe number of clients who attended the service is listed in this column.
CLIENTS RETAINEDThe number of clients who attended the service again within the retention period is listed in this column.
CLIENT RETENTION RATEThe percentage of the staff member’s number of clients retained versus their total number is listed in this column.
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