Booking BOOK-A-SPOTTM assets for more than one class

When scheduling a class, you may want to reserve BOOK-A-SPOTTM assets for that class.

Depending on how you set your class to handle BOOK-A-SPOTTM assets, your class may reserve assets individually per client or for the entire class.

If the asset is reserved for the entire class, you will receive a double booking error when scheduling a class that also requires the same asset.

If your class uses assets reserved individually per client, then another class using assets reserved individually per client can be booked at the same time, providing there is more than one of the reserved asset. The number of clients that can attend these classes is capped at the number of assets available (between the two classes).

For example:

An advanced cycling class is scheduled at 1 p.m. and reserves bikes individually per client.
There are 20 bikes total.
A beginner’s cycling class that also reserves bikes individually per client, can also be scheduled at 1 p.m.
When clients start to book this class, a maximum of 20 clients can attend between the two classes. For instance, 15 clients can attend advanced cycling and 5 can attend beginner cycling, or vice versa. However, 15 clients cannot attend advanced cycling if 15 clients are already attending beginner cycling. This is because there is a limit of 20 assets that can be used between the two classes.

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