Achieve Client App: Booking services

Your clients can book services, such as Classes, Appointments, and Events, directly from their mobile devices using the Achieve Client App. Any product in your online store can be offered to clients as an add-on when they are booking an Appointment. These products must be paid for up front.

The Achieve Client App will show all services and add-ons you offer. If you do not offer a specific service type or add-on, it will not appear in the Achieve Client App (e.g., if you do not offer Appointments, the Appointments tab will not appear in the Achieve Client App).

NoteIf your business is enrolled in the Basic version of the Achieve Client App, your clients will only have the ability to book Classes and Appointments. For your clients to book Events through the app, you must be enrolled in the Pro version of the Achieve Client App or higher.

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To book a Class or Event:

  1. In the bottom menu, tap Book Now.
  2. Tap the service type you want to book.
  3. Next to the preferred class, time slot and instructor, tap Book.
  4. At the bottom of the screen, tap Complete.

To book an Appointment:

  1. In the bottom menu, tap Book Now.
  2. Under Select a Service, tap Appointments.
  3. Select the category of service you want to book, then tap Next.
  4. Select the specific service, then tap Next.
  5. All available service add-ons are displayed. Select the add-ons you want to purchase, then tap Next.
  6. The description of your selected add-ons and customization options are displayed. Under Available Options, select the customization option you want to as part of your add-on, then tap Add To Appointment.
  7. Select the preferred gender of the staff member providing the service, then tap Next.
  8. On the calendar, select the day on which you want to book the Appointment. A list of available time slots appears. Tap your preferred time to select it.
  9. Certain Appointment Types can be made recurring Appointments. Select whether you want to make this Appointment a recurring Appointment, then tap Next.
    • To create a recurring Appointment, tap the Book Recurring option at the bottom of the screen, tap On, and fill in the details of your recurring Appointment. Tap Done.
  10. Select the payment method you want to use for your Appointment. You can choose between the Appointment drop-in rate or any applicable Purchase Options. Tap Next Step.
  11. Review your purchase, including any add-ons. Tap the pencil icon  to edit any add-ons. You can add or remove add-ons. Tap Checkout.
  12. Select your method of payment. You can pay by Credit Card, Square, or both.
    • If you are using multiple payment methods, choose the amount you want to pay with each method. The total payment between both methods must be equal to your purchase total.
  13. Enter the required payment information, then tap Request Appointment.
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