Setting up your billing information

Your billing information is where you can set up and review the credit cards and ACH accounts that can be used to pay for your services with WellnessLiving.

To set up your billing information:

  1. On the Top Nav Bar, click Setup.
  2. On the Setup menu, click Business. 
  3. Under Billing, click Billing Information.
  4. View your saved credit cards and ACH accounts, if available. 
  5. To add a new credit card, click ADD A NEW CREDIT CARD, complete the required information, and then click SAVE.
  6. To edit a saved credit card, on the credit card, click Edit, update the information as required, and then click SAVE.
  7. To add a new ACH account, click ADD A NEW ACH ACCOUNT, complete the required information, and then click SAVE
    Add an ACH account

  8. Your billing information is updated.
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