Appointment Cancellation Report

The Appointment Cancellation Report is an attendance report that displays information about canceled Appointments. From this report you can view the cancellation reason and reschedule the canceled Appointment.

In this article:

  • To view the Appointment Cancellation Report
  • Headings in the Appointment Cancellation Report

To view the Appointment Cancellation Report:

  1. Click the App Drawer button .
  2. In the App Drawer, click Reports.
  3. On the Reports menu, click Attendance.
  4. In the side menu or in the list, click Appointment Cancellation. Your Appointment Cancellation Report is displayed.

Headings in the Appointment Cancellation Report:

APPOINTMENTThe name of the Appointment, the date and time it was booked for, and the staff member who the Appointment was booked with will be displayed in this column.
LOCATIONThe location where the Appointment was to take place.
CLIENTThe client for whom the Appointment was booked.
STATUSThe status of the Appointment. The possible statuses that can be displayed in this column are Early Cancel and Late Cancel.
CANCELLATION DATEThe date the Appointment was canceled on.
USERThe person responsible for canceling the Appointment. This may be a staff member or the client.
REASONThe cancellation reason entered when canceling the Appointment. Cancellation reasons can only be entered for Appointments that are early cancellations.
ACTIONClick the More button in this column to reschedule the canceled Appointment.
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