ACH transaction delays

An ACH transaction may take up to 10 business days to settle. During this time, the transaction’s status is subject to change multiple times. For example, your merchant processor may show that a transaction has a status of Settled after 5 days and then show a status of Rejected after 8 days. To account for this, WellnessLiving displays Waiting for settlement for the first 10 business days. After 10 business days have passed, WellnessLiving checks with the processor daily for a status update and displays the final status once it is obtained.
To learn more about contacting your ACH provider, see Merchant Processing Contact Information. If you need any assistance contacting your ACH provider or checking your transaction status, contact

NoteFunds may be received as early as 5 business days after the ACH transaction. Since it is not possible for the merchant processor to provide WellnessLiving with the final status of the ACH transaction before 10 business days have passed, WellnessLiving will display Waiting for settlement during that time, regardless of the transaction’s current status.

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