7 Upselling Techniques to Grow Your Wellness Center

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Have you been searching for upselling techniques to build your business and increase your profits? Are you striving to get your wellness center to that next level? Adding upselling techniques to your strategy could provide the added sales to make that happen!

What exactly is upselling and how does it help businesses grow their revenue? Upselling is the idea that you can increase the value of a customer’s primary purchase. Think of it as selling someone an add-on to their original purchase to increase the value of that sale. How does that benefit your business? The answer is simple: increased revenue.

Does this sound like a great way to boost the bottom line for your wellness center? We think so! Our experts have put together a list of 7 dynamic upselling techniques you can use to increase your wellness center’s sales:

1. Offer it to Everyone

Upselling is a specialized tactic to try and make the most of every purchase, so the more you upsell, the more money you make. Increase your odds by using this upselling technique to the fullest!

Looks can be deceiving! Never assume that just because a client is new to your kind of services or if they don’t traditionally fall into your “target audience” that they won’t be interested in what you’re offering. If you don’t try, you’ll never know.

Now, that doesn’t mean that everyone will be interested in an upsell of course, but don’t discount a sale until your customer declines. Be diligent in training your team, too. They need to know that this is an important part of your center’s mandate and be on board to try and maximize each sale.

Odds are, if you’ve got the right approach, the higher number of people exposed to your upselling techniques, the more sales you’ll make, so you can watch your wellness center grow!

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The higher number of people exposed to your upselling techniques, the more sales you’ll make!

2. Time it Right

Now, despite what we just said, you need to work on getting the timing right. Does this sound like a contradiction to the first point? It’s not, but it’s a fine distinction. Most upselling techniques rely on you being able to read your customer.

It’s important to be able to gauge the appropriate time to pitch an upsell. How do you know when the timing’s just right? Here are a few signs you can look for to determine whether your timing is on target:

If they’ve already expressed an interest

If your customer has already expressed an interest in another product or add-on, then pitching them an upsell is a great idea! If you remember them asking about something on a previous visit, if they were looking at another service, or if they’ve asked about something you offer, these are all signs that they could be interested in an extra buy.

Maximize your customer’s interest in additional products or services by making the most of your upselling techniques.

If your upselling techniques have worked in the past

Do you have a customer who has appreciated your upselling techniques in the past? That’s the one to try! While there are no guarantees, where you’ve had success in the past is a great place to start.

Customers that already trust your recommendations or have seen the value of another upsell, are a customer that’s half-way there. If you miss the signs, you also miss out on the potential to increase the sale.

There’s a time and a place for upselling techniques. Be present and aware of when it’s wise to introduce product/service add-ons to increase sales as much as you can for your business.

3. Make it Easy

Making the process as easy as possible will increase your chances immensely – and that theory can be applied to any sale, really. Making the sales experience too hard or time-consuming will turn a customer off.

Use your upselling techniques to make it a quick and easy transaction for the customer! Could you offer customers a direct link to book appointments, make purchases, or access their account from home?

Or maybe you should outfit your team with onsite payment capabilities. If they could put a transaction through from anywhere at the center for follow up appointments and add-on sessions, how convenient would that be?

Think of this as one of the upselling techniques that’s a winning strategy to build your business by bettering your customers’ experience!

4. Add a Sense of Urgency

One of the upselling techniques that’s the most effective is the use of a limited time offer or promo. Creating a sense of urgency is a fantastic way to encourage customers to buy. Why does this work? Setting a time limit encourages your customers to make the most of your offer while they still can!

Think about what will most appeal as an add-on for your customers. The more appealing you make it, the more interest there’ll be! Decide on your offer, nail down the details, and start the process.

This upselling technique requires a marketing strategy to go along with your offer. Consider this: if you’re offering a free service with the purchase of another service, how will people buy if they don’t hear about it?

The key to making the most of this technique is letting as many people know about it as possible. Send out emails, post signs at reception, and include details on your social media accounts.

The best part of incorporating a limited time offer in your upselling techniques is that you can quantify its success in real time. And if it worked the way it’s supposed to, you’ll see an immediate increase in your bottom line.

5. Reward Loyalty

Building loyalty with your clientele is something that shows that you’re using your upselling techniques to their fullest potential. With increased loyalty, comes bigger sales and long-term customers.

What does loyalty have to do with upselling? Sending clients a thank you note (electronically) after a successful sale (or up-sell) will keep you top of mind, while showing your customers that you appreciate their loyalty.

Offering a customer loyalty rewards program can accomplish that same goal. When you appreciate your clients’ purchases – be they original or add-ons – you encourage them to continue to repeat that buying pattern.

Don’t have a loyalty rewards program or a way to automatically initiate contact? We can help with that! At WellnessLiving, we offer features that make growing customer loyalty and maximizing your upselling a snap.

We offer the tools you need to reach out to your clients after each visit, post-purchase, or to market an upsell you’re offering. We can also get your started with a winning rewards program so you can track points and maintain the program with just a few clicks.

Rewarding loyalty helps build stronger relationships with your clients, while showing that you appreciate that loyalty enough to reward them for it.

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Rewarding loyalty helps build stronger relationships with your clients.

The fact that you’ve built trust and loyalty, along with an appreciation for their business, will make clients much more open to an upsell the next time it’s offered.

6. Prove Yourself

Sometimes what a customer needs to increase their purchase is to see proof of the value. Once you show a customer that the add-on is worth the higher price tag, it’s an easy sell.

How do you show them that what you’re selling makes sense? Well, why should they believe you, when they can hear it from someone else? Do you have testimonials or reviews on the product or service you’d like to upsell? Can you offer a demonstration so they can see it with their own eyes? Can they try it for free to get a sense of its worth?

Whether it’s a service, product, or membership that your wellness center is upselling, the proof is in the pudding.

When you allow your customer to decide for themselves that the added-value is worth it, you’re likely to sell them now, while making a customer for life!

7. Make it Personal

Relationship-building is something that all businesses should prioritize! People like to buy from people they know and consider their friends, so building trust and relationships with your clients is the fast-track to boosting your sales.

How can this approach enhance your upselling techniques? Studies show that 75% of people are more likely to buy if the seller knows their purchase history, recommends a purchase based on that history, and addresses them by name.

So, the better you get to know your customers, the more likely they are to take your advice on an upsell. Think about this in your own life: are you most likely to buy from someone you know and trust or to accept a sales pitch at face value from a business?

However, the lesson here is not that when you make customers your friends, you can sell them anything. The key is that when you get to know your customers and grow a community, you get to know their preferences and what would genuinely make sense as added value.

Not only that, but you establish credibility as an expert in your field and they respect your recommendations and advice. All of this translates to customer loyalty, more upselling opportunities, and a growing wellness center.

It’s Time to Get Started

Now it’s time to put these upselling techniques to work! Offer it to everyone, get your timing right, set a deadline, make it personal, and build on your relationships to upsell like a pro! Watch your sales and your wellness center grow with these successful upselling techniques.

At WellnessLiving, we can get you set up in no time! From proving your value to loyalty and relationship-building, we’ll help you use your upselling techniques as a sure-fire way to build your business and your bottom line! Book a free, no commitment demo today and explore the WellnessLiving difference!

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